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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Would Rather Use a Microwave TBH

This does have the makings of a viral video because it has two of the things Americans really love--guns and bacon! But I just don't really know about the fit here. I mean, I think of bacon as mostly a breakfast food, and firing guns is really loud, so...that won't work in the morning. (You might get return-fire!) And how sanitary is that, really? Gun oil on my bacon, bacon grease on my rifle. Ick. Oh Ted Cruz! You rise above your Ivy League education and lawyerly reputation like a circus clown shot out of a cannon!

It's only 2015, and this 2016 race is already kind of cuckoo bananas. Some folks would blame Trump for it because he makes everyone have to get louder and weirder but I am not so sure. You can only bait people to get as crazy as they are willing to go--then it's on them.

I've seen that one of the candidates made a point about the decorum of the office. We'll have to see if he resists the urge to, I dunno. Wrassle gators or the like. This primary is still young.

(I'll note that Gov. Bobby Jindal manages to stunt and front in a more low-key, signifying way, that will neither help himself in the race and will probably just actually harm some low-income Louisianans for whom Planned Parenthood is the most available point of medical access. Neither of the LA PP clinics do abortions. Cruz and Paul for sure are also for defunding Planned Parenthood all over--but they can't do it by executive fiat.)

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mikey said...

After decades of owning and shooting guns, I have become rather partial to the smell of Hoppe's #9 - it sort of smells like home - but I'm pretty sure I don't want to ingest it...