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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Naked Theocracy of Roy Moore & Friends

So the judge who unironically went out of his way to show reverence to a giant graven image a few years back, one whose first dictate was "Don't worship graven images", is having a moment over marriage equality.

His lawyer has drafted a fun letter regarding where he stands. Which is even further to the--well...

His man said:

"The governor better get ready for civil rights legislation making sexual orientation the same as race," Johnson writes. "That's law now – the questionable science regarding the origin of homosexuality – now law of the land. When, oh when, will we see this so-called court is nothing but a kangaroo, masquerading as a court of law?!" 

Johnson begins the letter: "Jesus Christ is Lord of all." 

That is followed soon thereafter with: "Public officials are ministers of God assigned the duty of punishing the wicked and protecting the righteous. You cannot serve two masters: you must pick -- God or Satan." 

Johnson ends the letter urging disobedience of the court ruling. 

What is the rule of law anyway when God makes up the rules? There's more where that bit came from, but the essential gist is--the First Amendment is for a very particular kind of Christian, and the rest of you heathens can hang. In other words, it comes straight from a Cracker Jack box that is 100% nuts.

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