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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Let Me Explain Ted Cruz on This One

I can fairly easily explain how it is that Senator Ted Cruz of Texas makes the connection that re-opening a US embassy in Cuba is so a "slap in the face" to Israel. It helps to think of a meat grinder really, and I've helpfully provided an image of one. Ted Cruz is like a meat grinder that is dedicated to red meat. The red meat goes into the top part, and then is thoroughly masticated and is vomited out the side-hole in easily-digested hamburger. Israel is good guys and Cuba is bad guys and Obama is a bad guy siding with bad guys over good guys because Obama is always bad.

One could note that in comparison, Sen. Marco Rubio has made actually direct appeals to things specifically applying to the Cuba situation like human rights and the civil liberties of Cuban citizens, which I will definitely give him points for for staying on topic and addressing things that are real concerns. But I would point out that the Obama Administration is addressing those things and that without negotiation, given the previous state of affairs, the US wouldn't get any movement from them at all. At least this provides hope of something. So, Senator Rubio--engaging in a foreign policy discussion. Senator Cruz--hello, cameras! Not endorsing Rubio per se. Just admiring the qualitative difference in approach.

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