Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, June 29, 2015

NBC Just Noticed this Now?

So, four days after Univision "ended their relationship" with real estate billionaire, celebrity tv guy, and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, NBC realizes that maybe, the things Donald Trump said recently about Mexican immigrants was pretty racist and that they just can't with him anymore?
That is so super-cool. Why didn't they notice this before he ended his contract with The Apprentice?  It's not like no one ever called his views problematic before. I pretty much noticed this before.  He's kind of knee-jerk weird about it, really. And people have commented about how NBC never really noticed that Trump was a big old race-baiting problem before this.
But really no, NBC--better late than never. Feel free to feel as good about this decision as you can stand, because he will doubtless treat this as a kind of free-speech martyrdom, because--ugh.

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