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Monday, July 27, 2015

Mike Huckabee says Something Appalling

I'm a big fan of the multilateral Iran deal because I happen to not be a jackass. I understand that we don't actually know what Iran's current nuclear capability is, but it might not even be as dire as alleged and that anyhow, anything that gets them to dial it back and lets us verify it looks like progress. And let's not be stupid--we've been pretending for how long Israel doesn't have nukes?

Do we think that is for real?

So, when pretend presidential candidate former FOX News contributor Mike Huckabee says something like, President Obama is "marching Israelis to the oven door", that is exceptionally distasteful. I guess in some way it might be a step up from exploding Disney characters. And maybe he doesn't understand that sanctions really don't stop nuclear capability. It's not magic. And the threat of military force may actually create an incentive for Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. His over-the-top statement has no clear logic.

He should drop the hell out for that comment: comparing President Obama to Hitler is beyond the pale and nonsensical.

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