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Monday, July 27, 2015

Arresting the WBC?

One of the most understandable impulses upon hearing that the always-inappropriate haters of Westboro Baptist Church are coming to disrupt funerals in your community with their brand of nastiness is exactly what LA Governor Bobby Jindal wants to do--he wants them arrested.

I sympathize, because really, they seem like awful people, and it bothers me that they use their religion to get in the faces of others at a burial--I consider that a kind of sacred space that they are violating.

But he does know how WBC will respond, I hope? Because this is what they do: they will sue. They will claim that their freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and civil rights were violated all to heck.

They've won in court with those claims before. Non-violent protests pinning them a distance away from the mourners staged by civilians seem to work, but arresting them, I'm afraid, just gives them exactly the kind of attention they crave.

They pretty much are awful people, though.

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