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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Do the "Pro-Lifers" Want Another Murder?

The recent hack that disclosed the identities and addresses of numerous Planned Parenthood employees has me a little concerned for their personal well-being. Because anti-abortion activists aren't above stalking and issuing death threats, and, in some cases, carrying through on their intent to murderously act against reproductive health care workers, this alarms me. It alarms me that the people who engaged in the recent videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood "selling baby body parts" (which it by no means does) engaged in a pretty heinous fraud and possible identity theft to pull off their hoax.

It also bothers me that in order to perpetrate the hoax, the fake front orgs the anti-choicers used to engage with Planned Parenthood had to know full well what the prenatal tissue scheme was about so that they could exploit that subject without the PP personnel catching on. They knew that tissue donation was legal and counted on that to create their "front group" interfaces. Those representatives questioning Planned Parenthood personnel, represented themselves as being from research labs. They weren't asking how to buy body parts, they were talking about tissue donation, because only tissue donation was discussed. And  PP personnel even admitted that sale of parts was not an issue.

These videos are, for people who accept that sometimes, a person might want or need to terminate a pregnancy, simply weak gruel.

In the past, anti-choicers have even resorted to murder to try and persuade reasonable people that there is a problem with killing. (And this is obviously stupid.)  But they fail to recognize all these female-bodied persons who go to clinics of their own volition to get services that include abortion. They fail to take into account why women abort.  They criminalize women's unwanted pregnancies from the jump, not even looking into what makes them unwanted.

I find their tactics dishonest and their intentions to be less than very moral.

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