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Monday, February 9, 2015

Climate Monday--10 Million Gallons of Oil on the Seafloor

Or you can look here. Basically, the Gulf of Mexico has so much oil still there--not to be pumped, and not really to be cleaned up either. Tar balls still wash up from time to time.  But it isn't going to just go away.

I think deep oil drilling is pretty dumb considering what we are already doing to the oceans in terms of acidification and overfishing. We really don't need to be spilling more oil down there, too. And I am very critical of Obama for allowing it to continue--regardless of the pressure. Because the reality--the sea covers most of the Earth, and is a bigger ecosystem than we enjoy on land. But even so, us land animals need the sea ecosystem to be functional to enjoy our existence. Our disrespect for the oceans is messing with sea birds, polar bears, seals, whales, dolphins, and our own fishing communities.

And I would bet the stupid and well-paid among us would still like to lick corporate ass for the pleasure of the environmental abuse.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Our President is a relentless corporatist. So this is not a surprise...not anymore.

P.S. I was wondering how Mrs. Robert Kagan ended up in the Obama State Department. I found this, which seems to indicate she was picked by Hillary.