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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Eric Frein Captured; Looking Rugged

Looking a bit lean and jacked-up, Eric Frein was arraigned today, and given to understand he'd be facing the death penalty.

I think the timing of his capture was fortunate, in that his fugitive ass didn't screw up Halloween for area kids.  I do note that his face does look pretty scraped up. The story has it that:

Frein, flanked by state troopers who easily wrapped their hands around his slim arms, was paraded publicly in front of the courthouse following his arraignment before District Judge Shannon Muir. Cuts to his nose and a bruised left eye were injuries Bivens said were not inflicted by law enforcement, but by life on the run in the dense wood of the Poconos.
If the boy had killed one cop and injured another in Philly, we'd not be surprised if he bounced around a bit in the paddy wagon. But I have reason to think the troopers had good reason to truly not do that-they want his conviction. In any case, he isn't seeing life as a free man, again. And peace of mind is returned to that area and especially to families of troopers who feared he'd open fire on PA police search teams. I think it's good that there was a clean capture so we can hear what he has to say for himself.

Not that I'm looking to understand his misunderstandings.

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mikey said...

I'm fascinated by these guys who shoot cops AS their crime, rather than in the course of committing other crimes. Outlaws shoot it out, win or lose, life or death, but these guys run hot for one minute, typically shooting cops from ambush, but then either end up killing themselves or surrendering meekly. It's like the killing didn't turn out to feel the way they THOUGHT it would fee, and they doing it once they lose the stomach for it.