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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sometimes it's Just Too Soon, Dr. Muzin

You know, sometimes a limit of 140 characters is about 140 characters too many. It's too easy to Tweet something stupid. Now, Senator Ted Cruz' s Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor is a seriously smart man--I mean, a doctor, a lawyer and a political advisor--what a trifecta! But you know what they say. Medicine, law, and politics are easy; comedy is hard. He did the right thing and deleted it and apologized, but I have to admit, the partisan side of me felt all nasty and like, "Yeah, and there was no AIDS epidemic before Reagan." And that one isn't meant to be funny--it's just really true.

But there's this other thing--I really don't see any connection between Obamacare and ebola. I mean, it's like a "Thanks Obama" meme gone all wrong, isn't it? And actually, in the case of the one person who had ebola who died here in the States, I still kind of think he didn't get diagnosed properly because he was uninsured. People being uninsured, ebola or not, is responsible for a lot of mortality, and I would be amazed if a smart guy like Dr. Muzin was unaware of that. Why, it's even projected to be true in Senator Cruz's own state of Texas.

Thousands of people have died of this virus an ocean away from our shore, and Dr. Craig Spencer, the patient who was diagnosed today in New York, went to the hot zone and risked himself to fight this deadly disease. I wish him a lot of luck and am confident he's in good hands. But when people politicize life-or-death issues so glibly, I wonder what kind of hands our political lives are in.

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