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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Giving it up for Judge Jones--He's a Hero

Another really interesting thing happened here in PA today--there was a ruling that threw out our ban against gay marriage.  And the justice presiding is the same guy who ruled against intelligent design in Kitzmiller v Dover.  It's Judge John E. Jones III. I like him, you guys.

See, I tend to really be an empiricist. Facts speak for themselves to me. I like the idea of impartiality, I like people who just read what's there. Just like the Kitzmiller case involved obvious science vs some religious proselytizing dressing up in a labcoat, the case against marriage equality in PA basically had to do with the evidence that gay couples are not treated equally to straight couples under the law vs the trumped up idea that there were meaningful reasons why they should not be treated equally. Once again, there was an ipse dixit tilt o' the cap to SCOTUS Justice Scalia.

Just like the Utah or Oregon or Idaho cases, I don't know if this one will get bumped up onto the SCOTUS docket for us to see whether we can get something a little better than "why not?" But for the time being, I am happy for all my LGBT friends in PA who have this opportunity to have their union recognized just like mine is. Best of luck to you.

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