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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rohrabacher-Denialist. But what else is new?

You know, I've seen Dana Rohrabacher on Maher's Real Time HBO show, and have been amazed that this guy's constituents don't seem to know he isn't right. Because this guy isn't "not right" in some general, fact challenged, sometimes he's ideological, kind of way. No. He's off the fucking rails. But here's the money quote:

ROHRBACHER: Just so you know, global warming is a total fraud and it is being designed by—what you’ve got is you’ve got liberals who get elected at the local level want state government to do the work and let them make the decisions. Then, at the state level, they want the federal government to do it. And at the federal government, they want to create global government to control all of our lives. That’s what the game plan is. It’s step by step by step, more and bigger control over our lives by higher levels of government. And global warming is that strategy in spades.… Our freedom to make our choices on transportation and everything else? No, that’s gotta be done by a government official who, by the way, probably comes from Nigeria because he’s a UN government official, not a US government official.
Or maybe, like, just, a majority of scientists all over the world have noticed it's getting warmer? Because that happened, too.  Also happened--it got warmer. Like, here's how we know it isn't some random government conspiracy:

Dead Polar bears:  This is a sad old picture of a starved polar bear who gave out before he got to icy hunting ground and he was so starved he looked like a rug.

Coastal communities in Alaska are on the move:  There are about four coastal villages in Alaska that know full well the land they are sitting on will be well and truly under water and would much prefer to get high and dry. There was a committee to get them moved under Gov. Palin that disappeared under Gov. Parnell, which is proof her admin. might have had something going for it.

A town in NJ is thinking of getting "stilted":  'Nuff said.

These aren't proofs of a grand conspiracy--they are examples of what's going on. I think it's high time denialists got called the incurious, uneducated, lie-laden fools they are. The hour is getting late.

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