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Friday, August 9, 2013

Name that Smell!

My intrepid co-blogger at Rumproast, Bette Noir, has given a pretty good picture of the corner McConnell's tactics have painted him into--but naturally, I am drawn to the silly image of Mitch's own campaign manager talking about holding his nose working for McConnell until he gets to work for Rand Paul.

That is such a beautiful image, McConnell saw fit to pose with Jesse Benton just to show he's got no hard feelings at all because he knows anyone would rather be working for Rand Paul. Because really, what's sexier to campaign for than a charter member of the Dead Economists' Society  and would-be cynical bridge between the Teabangelicals and the libertarian populists? Let's face it--McConnell's rare blend of power and unpopularity don't come around that often, and now that he's finding himself squeezed with a primary challenge on the right, he's in a bit of a box, isn't he? A stinker, in fact.

Is it remotely possible when he encouraged the hardline obstructionists and helped whip up the "stop Obama at any cost" line, and after witnessing other long-time senate colleagues fall in primaries, he never thought it could happen to him?  Is it possible that he thinks those hungry lads, Rubio, Cruz, Paul (they owe a bit more to DeMint than Himself, do they not?) are going to do him any favors? (I wonder myself. Will we see a big old Rand Paul endorsement?  Or a respectful silence that does Paul more good than harm?)  And isn't it likely that his opponent on the left (provided he survives the primary) will ask the question Ms. Jackson made famous "What have you done for me (and the citizens of Kentucky), lately?"

Dunno. Battles over legislation when Congress is dead-set on doing nothing much could be blamed on a leadership failure, and when people aren't blaming President Obama for not smacking the bully pulpit hard enough, they usually get around to dissing John Boehner for handling his Speakership like the ringmaster of a flea circus that has literally gone to the dogs. But let's not discount the influence McConnell has had influencing the poor environment in Washington.

He's positively made a funk. And might do with an airing out, no?

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