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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shiny Objects, Laundry Lists and Kitchen Sinks

I may have forgotten to address the somewhat unfortunate characterization of a mention of US military men and women by Mitt Romney as being part of a "laundry list".   He used this unfortunate metaphor in explanation of why they weren't mentioned in his RNC speech, and it's probably unfair to single him out for both not mentioning them and for thinking they are part of a laundry list of things one mentions in some obligatory way.

I also am just the sort of twerp who forgets to point out that his advisers have referred to foreign policy as a "shiny object".   That's okay--it's how his advisers also described women's issues:  clearly, the term "shiny object" means "thing of so much fun that Governor Romney thinks about it all the time and can converse about it at great length." So when people start cracking on about Iran and nuclear weapons and Islamic fundamentalism in Egypt and all kinds of things--don't sweat it. It's just shiny stuff. He'll get right on it, later. Is all.

So when there is actual shit hitting the fan anywhere in the world, of course seasoned Mitt Romney is paying it all of the attention and not actually  opportunistically hurling whatever comes in President Obama's direction--because he understands he might himself be president and need the credibility of that office to be in tact. If he didn't understand that, and did opportunistically snipe at our president, it might really suggest he was capable of fucking up very important things. And that would be a definite strike against him with the electorate.

If they knew anything about foreign policy, mind you. Or about Mitt.

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