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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mitt Romney's Winning Smile

From this.

Hours before the assault on the consulate at Benghazi took place, a cautious Tweet went out from Cairo trying to ameliorate a crowd whipped into anger by a tasteless and stupid YouTube trailer of a movie that is starting to look like some weird hoax. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney ran with this Tweet, and decided it was proof that the Obama Administration was empathetic towards the murderers of Americans serving a diplomatic mission abroad.

That's what he said. 

Let me break that down--the missive that Romney was referring to did not come from the Obama Administration.

It came before the assault that killed an ambassador and three other diplomats in Libya. It came from the Cairo embassy.  It was ostensibly intended to defuse a hostile situation--which it did not.

And this asshole wants to pretend that people who felt threatened by a potential murderous riot were specifically speaking for the president regarding something that happened hours later at a different location?

Why would he want to twist things into this unnatural position? Because then he can claim that once again (as in--never) the Obama people are apologizing for America to the world (mostly the Islamic world).

Dear Mitt Romney-- I'm not sure if you really think that criticizing a shoddy work of propaganda to defuse a hostile situation is somehow an assault on free speech or what--I truly believe you are a ghoulish opportunist who decided that the deaths of these United States citizens/diplomats was just negative enough of an event to let you possibly capitalize on what could be seen as a foreign policy failure happening under the Obama Administration. This disgusts me.  Your smile as you reiterated your claims can't actually disgust me more.

But I do publicize it, to raise a point--who does this? Who decides they need to blame the president for a terrorist tragedy within heartbeats of the event, before all the facts are in? Who thinks they win when other Americans have died?  Who is grinning like someone who spun fool's gold of a campaign narrative out of the deaths of his fellow man?

Mitt fucking Romney is that smiling jackass. Look upon his grimace, you media, and despair of pretending that both sides are this grotesque.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It's the smile of a sociopath who's just cut his parents' brake cables in order to get his hands on their inheritance. He's a ghoul.

Grung_e_Gene said...

It's the Smirk of someone who knows he uses the misery of others to advance himself. That's been Romney's MO his entire life from his Chicken Hawk support of the draft to his Vulture Capitalist days till now...