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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joe Paterno's Statue Both Threatened and Protected

Apparently, a plane flew over the Penn State campus bearing the banner "Take the statue down or we will". And there are students, alumni and others that are adamant that the statue remain in place, and will maintain a vigil of sorts to see that it is not vandalized.

I might propose something of a compromise.  Perhaps the statue of the late Head Coach of Penn State football, Joe Paterno, might be allowed to remain, but with one, slight addition--a cloth blindfold, to represent the abuse he turned his eyes away from.  Being a cloth late addition to the statue, it is unlikely it would mistaken in symbolism for anything on a par with, for example, the blindfold on the statue of Lady Justice.

Because the blindfold would be made of cloth, of course, it would be subject to the elements, and might become soiled, stained, frayed, or the like. So those who wanted to preserve the statue in place could, if they chose, replace the blindfold regularly with a nice clean one.

You know.  To maintain appearances.

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