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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Check this out: Mitt Gets Worse

I don't think it's any secret that Mitt Romney can't be considered an ally on LGBT issues, but it's really stunning to hear just how two-faced and inconsiderate he was during his time as governor of Massachusetts from people who fought with his administration for their rights and for basic respect. Mitt Gets Worse presents a video history of people who can tell you from first-hand knowledge how Romney will make things worse for LGBT folks (and by extension, their families) if he becomes president.

One story that struck me as particularly "Mitt-ish" is the story of Julie Goodridge:

For those who can't view video, when she asked then-Governor Romney what she would tell her daughter when she asked why her mommies couldn't get married, Mr. Empathy looked past her and replied "I don't care what you tell your adopted daughter."

Funny thing that--Julie Goodridge's story, which was in the news, which she had referred to, had to do with how her wife was not considered to be a relative and thus had no visitation privileges/next-of-kin rights at the hospital-where Julie was being treated for complications from her delivery of their daughter. In other words, he did not listen or care to know her story at all.  It would have been too much bother for him to even have an outline of her concerns in mind because his mind was already made up.

And yet, this was the guy who said he'd be better for gay people than Sen. Kennedy when he ran against him. That's why I drew a breath when Ann Romney though it might count for something in his favor when she pointed out that they tithed--to a church that spent that tithe-money on a campaign against marriage equality. She might consider honoring their religious obligation a sign that they are good people--

I prefer to look at how one treats other people.

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