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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"C'mon, Mitt" Says Reality-Based Person, Colin Powell

I could still be bitter about Powell's Show'n'Tell presentation for the UN with the actual vial of crack he bought just a block away from the White House  anthrax vial and the Diorama of Doom showing the limits of Near Eastern meteorological technology  cunning mobile biowarfare labs that most likely were no such thing, but that's not me. I forgive people for spewing the kind of utter nonsense they consider to be their jobs, if--if--if  I have reason to suspect they might be retired enough or done with the nonsense enough to actually level with us. I got that feeling from Powell when he endorsed Obama last time, and I more or less still think Powell is not the worst of people. And he may even know what he's talking about.

So that said--C'mon, Mitt. Because I don't think that guy even has the credibility I'm willing to front Powell.  (No, read the "that guy" thing. It's Romney on about Russia.  So precious! He's like Sarah Palin with a bigger house to see Russia from.).

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

He's like Sarah Palin with a bigger house to see Russia from.

Great, now I'm picture Mitt with Bump-Its in his hair.