Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh, I get it now, Lower taxes and Limited Government!

So, I think I'm beginning to understand how this lower taxes and limited government thing goes--

WI Governor Scott Walker just proposed actually raising taxes on poor people and students, to go along with his tax cuts for corporations.

Because you would obviously want to collect revenues from people who don't have a lot of money, instead of from entities whose sole existence is for the purpose of generating profits. (Wait, what?)

But wait, I haven't just caught on to this whole taxation business--I'm starting wrap my head around this whole "limited government thing", too.

MI Governor Rick Snyder's government has effectively taken over the entire government of the town of Benton Harbor, disenfranchising the whole town from any say in their local government leaders or how the town is to be run.

Government is being limited to the people Rick Snyder trusts to run it, the way he thinks it should be run.  See what they're doing over there? Limiting who has access to the government.  Which is what....democracy....was....

Hmm. I think they're doing something wrong, here.

So there you go--lowering taxes and limiting government. Courtesy of the GOP, a subsidiary of whoever has the checkbook.

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The Thin Black Duke said...

No surprises here.

Walker's a compliant tool.

He's no different than the brush the Koch's maid uses to clean out the toilet.