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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Have About an Hour? See this: The Billionaires' Tea Party

This is a pretty good investigative documentary of the Astroturf nature of the Tea Party.

This is really timely given what we've been seeing especially in Wisconsin. At the Tea Party rally in Wisconsin just yesterday, Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin stood behind a sign that read "I am AFP" (Americans for Prosperity).  That's not exactly "I am Spartacus", is it?

When the film get to the business about the anti-climate science and "kill the EPA" stuff, you've basically got a pretend grassroots movement of people clamoring to have chemicals dumped into their water and air. What right-thinking people would be happy with pollution? In the water they bathe their kids in? In the water they cook with and drink?

(Governor Scott Walker, for one.)

Also mentioned, Glenn Beck and Fox Mushroom Farm--and lots of Tea Partiers spouting some total nonsense.

It's a pretty fascinating piece.

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