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Monday, November 29, 2010

SPLC designates a few new Anti-Gay Hate Groups

Sorry if this is old news, but I really thought this was a positive development this week (yes, I'm going to be playing catch-up).

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a respected civil rights organization committed to justice and countering bigotry, and I'm glad to see these groups get the SPLC's "seal of disapproval." I've seen characters from these orgs go on tv and get treated as if they were simply people with a different point of view and always felt a bit of rage that their views were being granted validity. Maybe being properly labeled as hate groups will cause the media to think twice before broadcasting their views as just "the other side" of LGBT civil rights issues. Tis has never sat well with me. I've often viewed it as something near to having the press solicit the Klan's opinion about racist grafitti on an AME Church. We know where those people stand. Who needs clarification?

I am a bit pissed that NOM, Coral Ridge, and Liberty Counsel aren't actually on the "hate list". They've all been pretty ugly in the past.

Naturally, the bigots are not pleased to actually be called what they are. I think the response at the link is....interesting. The "falsehoods" that Barber wants to call stubborn "facts" are usually not seriously debated because science and serious organizations based in reason have long rejected them. The claims of these organizations really aren't serious enough to merit debate. Also, he mentions Alinsky (WTF is it with right-wingers and their Alinsky fixation?) and mistates what Godwin's Law is about. Godwin's law only has to do with the likelihood that someone will get compared to a Nazi if a Usenet thread goes on long enough. Randomly calling out "Nazi" in a crowded conversation is probably hyperbolic.

It's just that, sometimes the armband fits. Relax, haters. You aren't directly being called Nazis. You're just being called, "Not entirely unlike their propagandists." And if that lets you sleep all right, you bedbugs....enjoy it.

Here's to the increasing marginalization of the willfully ignorant and hateful!

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