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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christianist Usual Suspects Promote Bad Stewardship, Hate Planet

I've blogged before about how there seems to be a connection between the Christianists who promote creationism and climate-change denialism--but I don't think I ever saw anything quite like this clip preaching against the dangers of "The Green Dragon":

It's a lot of "WTF?" to take in. But my first impression--WTF?! Why is being concerned about the planet actually a bad thing from a Biblical perspective? I don't put a lot of store by it, but it seems to me like Adam and family were entrusted with taking care of God's creation--wouldn't it piss Him off if we trashed the place? But also, to talk about something I do have some investment in: yes, the science is very much there.

I'm not really sure why the Christianists are going after environmentalism, but it seems par for the general reality-denying course. The most galling lie I found in the video is that environmental protections are condemning poor nations to "grinding poverty."

The nations referred to that happen to be impoverished right now are the very ones that will be most vulnerable to climate-change-related disasters. Their countries will undergo desertification, erosion, lack of arability, food crises, increase of famine and disease and exposure to extreme weather cycles that their countries don't have the infrastructure to relieve their people from. What these religious dopes don't quite understand is that the ability of people to sustain simple basic things like getting fed and having a stable habitat (that isn't, for example, flooded out or swept away by a mudslide) takes precedence over whether they can drive SUV's. It's not just the ignorance of science, but ignorance of what is really at stake, not just at some imagined point in the future, but right now, that sticks in my reality-accepting craw. So much for taking care of "the least of these" or showing good stewardship of the planet.

Cynically, I wonder if they're getting "donations" from Big Oil out of it.

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