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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They Shall Sing his Song in Wingnut Valhalla

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is once again demanding documents from the University of Virginia in regards to the work of a former employee, climate scientist Michael Mann. His previous request had been denied because he can't quite show why he wants them--but I have this theory.

Ken Cuccinelli genuinely believes he's going to be the one to break the back of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy that crosses continents, spans centuries (going back, possibly, to Joseph Priestley), and that has either involved the brain-washing or collusion of 90% of scientists, just about all environmentalists, many politicians, and on and on: the current so called "threat" of "Global Climate Change" or whatever they are calling it this week, which has persuaded so many people that it is a) man-made, b) scary, and c) something we should do something about in the near future so that we can have a far future.

All he needs is the right information, and he believes it will all fall like a house of recycled-content paper cards. He is going to stone-cold Perry Mason their asses. He gets someone to roll on this Mann character and all those scientists will spill. How they put it all together for the government grant money, you see? And to hold down the fossil fuel industries which are a huge part of our economy because....

Something socialist and completely nefarious(!)that will definitely break loose during the investigations and interrogations that Cuccinelli will bring to bear with all the resources of the Commonwealth of Virginia that he has at his disposal. As if any other matters of the state could even compare! And once he has exposed this hoax for what it is, he will become a modern-day folk hero. The reverence people hold for science would be no more, finally dashed by the killing scandal that finally shows that oil exists because God loves us and maybe Jesus really did ride a dinosaur!

Of course the next step is President. He won't run, but simply hear the call of a thirsty nation yearning for the cooling waters of his deep wisdom. And then he will lead his Christian nation to a bold new day--

Either that, or he's a typical grandstanding bullshit-artist. Hard to tell. So much scientific illiteracy and conspiracy theory, so little regard for reality, I tell you....

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