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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daniel Webster and the Devilish Details

There was some hand-wringing over the past week about whether US. Rep. Alan Grayson's last ad, which compared his opponent, Daniel Webster to the Taliban. Was it out of context? Did it got to far?

Well, this ad gives us "The Facts":

When a candidate has connections like this , the best offense is the truth. The problem with Grayson's first ad is it did fudge a little to try and show what the truth is--but that actually doesn't change that this year in particular, I think we are seeing more of there Christian Reconstructionist types like Webster. And that starts with "C" and that rhymes with "T", and that stands for Theocracy.

And I hate Theocracy. I like that Grayson swings back and calls it like he sees it, too.

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