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Monday, October 4, 2010

Classified info and the understudy Bozo. No, she's not like me.

That right there is slicker than greased Jello. But I know the difference. I'm not her. My resume doesn't have schools I didn't go to on it. When I say I dabbled in witchcraft, I mean I was a solitary practitioner of a religion based in part on nature and pagan myths with reading material that ranged from the kind of Raven Silverwolf/Scott Cunningham "pop-Wicca" to the Israel Regardie and Aleister Crowley type stuff. I never confused it with Satanism. And my dad was not a Bozo.

(Although hers was an understudy of the popular painted children's favorite. I'm not going to say a thing. I just have personal issues regarding clowns, and I am working on them. One day at a time....)

Also, I don't have much of a security clearance. As in, I am like most of the American public who are polibloggers--the almost next to the last to know things. But according to this cool find from her primary debate in the 2006 GOP primary for Senate, she claimed she had some classified information about China. Okay--classified? Oh, and did I mention her primary opponent was Chinese-American? Because that's kind of important. But she heard it from some folks who are missionaries who are totally, like, as good as spies? And she wished she didn't know the terrible, terrible things she knows?

No, none of us are Christine O'Donnell. Except maybe Allen West. Since he has the security clearance. And maybe Sharron Angle. Because who's got the juice? Or maybe Tommy Flanagan and his wife....Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, that's the ticket. (Link provided for the youngin's.)

I don't usually play GOP ads unless they are utter train wrecks, but--"I'm you?"


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