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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

McCain's tantrum when questioned about DADT.

He doesn't want to hear it, you think? In his mental space, there is a smooth, orderly little military world of people on one side not asking, and on another side not ever having to tell. It's nice world Senator McCain likes to live in.

It's not reality. The spirit of the law, just leaving alone what the letter of the law was supposed to do, still stigamizes gay servicepeople. It still implies there is something wrong with being gay, and wanting to serve your country. It still denies people that right because it asks them not to be themselves. And even if the question should never be asked--it gets asked. It gets speculated about. As a result, perfectly decent, capable people have been dismissed from the military, with considerable documentation of the flaws of this dumb law left in their wake.

If Senator McCain was interested in the matter, he could certainly check up on that subject. But as I've pointed out before, McCain views this as a "social issue" and not a military one. Because, um?



Steve Benen brings up the time-honored question regarding McCain's denial of what's going on--is he dumb or lying? I don't give McCain a lot of points for honesty, especially not since the 2008 McCampaign, but I'm going to call this one "willfully ignorant". He doesn't know, he doesn't want to know, he doesn't want to pretend to want to know, and, because he's still trying to run away from his reasonable 2000 persona, he'd just rather not even address any issue where he might plausably be called to do the right thing, over the expedient thing.

In other words, his decline as a person of honor continues apace.

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