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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Olbermann gives Liz Cheney "Worst Person in the World"--and how!

He says a lot of things here that needed to be said. As far as "using every tool at their disposal" goes, it's hard to see that the Bush folks they even whipped out their reading glasses to read that now-famous August 6 PDB. But besides that, it's questionable whether the rhetoric of the Bush Administration, which tended to lean to military solutions and "fighting with them over there", was ever really quite as apt as turning to a more gestalt approach, a fully-realized philosophy that employed diplomacy (even hard-ball diplomacy) with countries harboring terrorists, a stepped-up coordination of intelligence efforts within the US and abroad, and efforts to streamline the process of apprehending and processing terrorist suspects lawfully within our own legal system.

This approach would have avoided certain unpleasant actions at Bagram, Abu-Ghraib, and Gitmo, as well as the invasion of Iraq and the protraction of the war in Afghanistan. In fact, if such a program were taken seriously before 9/11, as was strongly indicated by efforts the Clinton Administration underwent, having experienced their share of attacks, it's even possible that the events of 9/11 themselves could have been minimized.

My question for Liz Cheney isn't quite Olbermann's "Who do you think you're talking to?"

It's "Who do you think you are?" Because I know who the hell Liz Cheney is. And I don't think she has room to talk about who is or isn't doing all they can about terrorism.

Also--yay, Olbermann, for mentioning Ken Buck, another Teahadist without a clue. My! There are such a lot of them about lately! More than I can shake a stick at!

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