Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, August 26, 2010

John McCain spent almost $75 per vote to win AZ primary.

That's according to Esquire magazine, who did the math:

To put this desperation in perspective, McCain's 2008 presidential campaign spent $293 million for 58.3 million votes, averaging $5.03 per lever-pull. For his 1982 congressional campaign, McCain spent $550,000 for 89,116 votes, or $13.54/vote in inflation-adjusted dollars.

And he still has the actual election to campaign on. Maybe he should have the lovely and talented Sarah Palin come back to campaign for him, huh?

Anyways, if Rodney Glassman wants any cheap ideas for whupping McCain, I suggest he can't go wrong indicating that he's running against an empty shell. Here's my two-year old take on McCain, which has a lot of what he's got--which ain't a lot.

John McCain's Lost Bearings.

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