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Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenn Beck is Not MLK: Brave New Films

I really like these Robert Greenwald shorts--they usually say what needs to be said quickly and effectively. I don't really have the vocabulary to say all I want to say about Glenn "Obama Hates White Culture" Beck, who will be hosting Sarah "Dr. Laura should be able to say the N-word without shackles" Palin and Ted "what a lovely white audience I've got" Nugent at his "Restoring Honor" shindig (Restoring whose honor? Beck never had any!) on the anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Here's the piece:

A civil rights hero is something to be, but it's also something Beck just isn't. I'll be waiting for whatever grandly silly thing he'll announce, tho', since he has talked this business up as comparable to Woodstock and a lot of other silly claims. Also, he has said that he is just going to let God speak through him.

And is it just me, or is Glenn Beck aiming at being a cult leader? He seems to use God talk all the time, and has this association with David Barton, the history revisionist behind the Texas schoolbook massacre, who he's dedicated his Overton Window novel to, which generally points towards that "Christian Nation" business. But with the demonization of others, the way he paints detractors as enemies, and they way he hoovers up supporters and their dough:

Maybe. (Is The Nuge bailing? Sadness, when you are too weird for the Motor City Madman.) (Also--I really am kind of perversely looking forward to this being a disappointing showing with fail frosting on top. I can dream, right?)

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