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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little Poetry: Body Political

Just for a change of pace, I'm cross-posting from my poetry blog:

I awoke
to find myself political.
My skin was political,
as if I were papered over with
the Sunday Times.
My face was political,
whether I showed it off
or kept it veiled.
And I saw my hair was political,
whether I cut it off,
or kept it long,
or let it be natural,
or did it up.
And my tongue was political
no matter how I kept it--
working or still.
And then there was my voice!
(That, I always did suspect
might be a little political,
you know.)
All I said was political, or
if I sang,
even if I said nothing,
and sang nothing.
That was political, too.
Political body:
political breasts,
political belly, political hips--
and no, those politics did not
stop you know where.
And this understanding has moved my
political feet,
do you get me?
I awoke
and found myself, political--
so that's just how
I'll be.

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