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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Andrew Breitbart is a damn scumsucker, and I like Shirley Sherrod

This is the unedited video of Ms. Sherrod's speech, and I hope you give her a hearing:

So, let's get this straight--her father was even murdered by a white man, and her family experienced terrorism by the Klan by her own telling, and she had reasons to not naturally trust white people, but her story is actually about how she might have had her initial issues, but realized that she needed to work to help people who needed help, and she saved the farm of that fellow she allegedly discriminated against and became the friend of that family. She realized she needed to help poor people.

Breitbart put out a video that just showed how she felt like discriminating--before she was a Federal employee. And she had a profound change of heart. He doesn't bother to show that. He didn't put that in context. He fit the clip to his bias, or maybe, to the bias of his audience--and I don't care which.

Some people might say that Andrew Breitbart is racist, because first, he supported O'Keefe's nonsense, which hurt ACORN, but later scrutiny found that all that ACORN brouhaha was basically over nothing. And we know who the disadvantaged people ACORN was mostly working with, and the bullshit stereotypes of "pimping" that O'Keefe was using for his "B-roll", and where they came from.

They might say that. I don't know that Breitbart uses this kind of race-based bullshit because he is racist. Maybe he doesn't even have an opinion about non-white people.

But he surely doesn't give a shit if he uses race to smear liberal organizations. This woman said "There is no difference between us". He points to the perceived differences. He's the divider.

Because he uses that divisive framing, I find it hard to see any earthly difference between Andrew Breitbart and a racist. What is the difference between believing it, and proclaiming it on a street-corner--and not believing it, but slipping it to people on the sly? He's a parasite on the media, and no one should take him seriously before checking his story out next time.

I despise what he did to misrepresent this woman.

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