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Friday, July 23, 2010

Senator Inhofe is egregiously dense.

This past June was the hottest on record. This July is insanely hot--all of July here in Philadelphia was, basically, a heat wave. A heat wave by Philadelphia standards is 90 degrees or more--and it's been 90 degrees or more all this month, I swear. It will probably be 100 degrees F tomorrow. The last decade accounts for the hottest summers on record. The only thing that made this past winter look cold was the snowfall, but that was easily predictable under the mainstream model of global-warming, which accounts for more moisture entering the atmosphere due to more transpiration due to the higher temperatures, which naturally leads to both higher rainfalls and higher snowfalls--and snow is as I have previously mentioned, not an indicator of "colder weather" in Philadelphia terms because we have easily seen below 0 degrees F temps, but all snow needs is sub- 32 degrees F. In other words--

How in the hell does Inhofe think anyone is in agreement with his bullshit assertion that anyone thinks we are in a "cooling cycle"? That is the biggest pile of nonsense I can imagine. Something like 97% of climate change scientists agree that there is obvious signs of man-made global warming, which pre-supposes a) an obvious pattern of warming and b) an obvious method whereby real scientists could say our increased usage of carbon-based fuels cause it.

But because his kids (or was it grandkids) made snow-people this past summer, he should totally disregard the 500-year floods that happened just recently in Oklahoma, and also he should totally disregard the likelihood that his particular southern climate will be really not especially habitable for his progeny in a matter of decades because the warming and our increased carbon fuels usage will totally fuxxor the south--and this is not useless prophecy. This is just what will happen because there will be absolute crap air quality and 110 degrees F in the shade. And yet he thinks we're in a cooling cycle.

Great. Sen. Inhofe should spend more time taking advantage of this wonderous cooling. Resign and take up snowboarding. Ski a little. Make snowmen. Go up to Alaska, why doesn't he?

But he should stop being a senator, since he has absolutely no grasp of the facts of this important matter. And no inclination to start grasping them.

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