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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Think fast--short news takes.

Okay, if you have to say a thing with puppets, um, is it a thing that needs to be said? Because even if they didn't directly read the bill, it's altogether possible that the figures depicted were briefed by aides to the extent that they could understand why the bill is crap. Also--a frog? And a ditty? How....not adult. It leaves a funny taste.

One more time, with fetus?
Oakwood Elementary's principal was placed on administrative leave Friday as school officials investigated why life like, 4-inch-long plastic fetus dolls were given to dozens of third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students.

On Thursday, the school staffer thought to be responsible for handing out the dolls was placed on leave.

Oakwood took another hit this week when the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia blasted its principal for inviting students and teachers to participate in prayer and Bible study. The organization said such acts are coercive and violate the Constitution.

The group asked Superintendent Stephen Jones in a letter sent Friday to immediately instruct Oakwood Principal Sheila Tillett Holas on the constitutional rights of teachers and students, and to stop religious overtures to them, as well as all organized religious activity on school grounds.

Holas was put on administrative leave Friday and did not respond to requests for an interview.

I went through a sick stage in my adolesence where I painted my old doll-babies with tempera to make them into weird vampire-zombie babies, and hung my Barbies in a psychopathic scene for Hallowe'en with nooses and fake blood. I think I wouldn't be so much phased by fetus-babies as a consideration for my reproductive possibilities, so much as fascinated by my new, pre-born atrocious toys. I'm thinking the most logical craft-usage is Christmas ornaments. Move over, Baby Jesus. Meet Fetus Jesus!

Teachers pour Holy Water on Atheist who doesn't melt, either, too.

POMPANO BEACH, Fla -- Two Broward teachers have been removed from their classrooms for allegedly pouring holy water on another teacher because she is an atheist.

Leslie Rainer and Djuna Robinson are veteran and self-proclaimed Christian teachers at Blanche Ely High School.

In April, they were re-assigned after another teacher, Schandra Rodriguez, who is an atheist, said they poured holy water on her during an incident at the school on March 11.

"Miss Robinson obtained a little bottle with some perfume in it in jest and the students will all confirm she never went close to Miss Rodriguez. Miss Rodriguez was on the other side of the classroom and that was basically it," said Johnny L. McCray Jr., Rainer and Robinson's attorney.

The accused teachers said it was a joke. Rodriguez, however, said they did it because she is an atheist.

Rodriguez is still teaching at the school and some said it's not fair.

"If we are going to ban talking to students about God, then the atheists should also be banned from telling kids there is no God," said Rev. Kirby Thurston.

Duh. But seriously, can an atheist just admit to being such without it being a big song and dance number about what we want others to believe? Thinking that Ms. Rodriguez is an atheist seems to have triggered an undue response. What would it take for her to be treated "normally"?


Nothing I can say equals that.

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