Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, May 24, 2010

Martin Gardner, enemy of b.s. and relator of cool things, passes on.

Here's a bit about Gardener:

This is the link to his bibliography.

That's a lot.

But a bibliography isn't really the final word about someone, even if it is the best evidence of their thoughts and all, being a recap of all that person wrote. And Gardener wrote and wrote. And was interested in every little thing.

I am amazed by his longevity and his ability to stay interested and turned on by the world to the last. I always was impressed by his dedication to reason. He really didn't suffer bullshit, and that was what was refreshing about reading his columns in Scientific American etc. He showed a lot of people that thinking was a good thing to do. He even represented how it was done--as my math teachers liked to say he "showed the work". He was a good explainer.

Anyway, he had a perceptive mind and tried to teach and reach people. That is always a good thing. I appreciate what he stood for and how he wrote.

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