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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On Sen. Stevens' birthday? Aw, man.

That fellow over on the left is newly-decided Senator-elect Mark Begich. He seems like a nice enough fellow, for a guy who beat out a legend. Who will, of course, go down in history as, not just Alaska's longest-serving senator, but a convicted felon on seven counts, and, of course, the "series of tubes" guy. With Begich's win (I don't know--if Stevens wanted to pay for a recount, I guess it's his prerogative, but I'm sure he has legal expenses, no?) one scary scenario is hereby blocked--

To wit: Senator Stevens, being a felon, is booted from the Hill (even Sen. DeMint, a fellow Republican, has been vocal about how he should not be able to stay). Which would mean his seat would then be open--and Governor Palin could possibly angle to fill it. It's been bruited about that her path to the White House in 2012--that cracked-open door--would be easiest through a Senate seat. Provided she could a) get one, and b) not make a total hash of it, as her multiple ethics probes are beginning to make one suppose she's made of the office of governor. Remaining in the governor seat in AK is not especially high-profile, but thanks to being a VP-candidate, she is, and probes regarding her are probably going to take on commensurate , um, probity. I guess.

But, aw man! Did you know this was Ted Stevens' birthday too? It's kind of not right, losing like this on his birthday, the same year he's convicted, and all. Tough going, man. That's gotta suck.

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