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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Senator Lieberman: Comfy chair?

Well, the needles and pins of waiting are over for Senator Joe Lieberman regarding whether he would be in some way punished for his support of Senator McCain in this presidential election, and he gets--More of the same. He keeps seniority, his committees, his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee and Governmental Affairs Committee.

In one way, the Netsrootizen (Is that a word? I just conflated "netsroots and "netizen" into a thing! As with "spinpression", I want credit if it ever gets to be a thing people say.) I'm a little bummed. Seems like the blogular opinion was that he was a rebel and he'd never ever be any good. Was his being allowed to continue his privileges part of a Democratic obsession with the magic "60 seats"? Was this actual post-partisanship, where someone can really not just cross, but kind of pole-vault over the aisle, but still be recognized for being generally on the Democratic side?

I'll go with the latter. With my own commentary.

I'll note only that a spirit of post-partisanship is part and parcel of the Obama changes. He refrained from speculating what should become of Lieberman, and it's kind of understood he wanted him left alone.

Left alone?

I'm not post-partisan, yet, myself, and I consider myself something of an observer of the traditions of the internets. In a profession, that being politics, nearly dominated by "pirates", Barack Obama is a "ninja". Oh, yes. I said it. Bill Maher might have said it first*, but I'm clarifying it--he has a skill-set that employs the path of least resistance, like an akido-master. He's often steps ahead of opponents. He's a keen observer and it's like he's everywhere. He lets opponents make their own traps and watches them fall into them. He's cool like that, but still kind. Professionally kind. A ninja.

I will only consider the Senator from Connecticut left alone--for now. It's up to him to determine if he wishes to embrace the adage that "To whom much is given, much is expected."

It's his call, now.

(* Edit: Okay, he said it recently and on a cable show, even if it's been a meme for months. I'm in my jammies, but I'm gonna be accurate. All a blogger can do.)

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