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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Interview--well, here goes nothing.

If you need to refer back to it, my brave reader, the embed is here:

I shudder not to link to that at which I'd scorn to wink--or something like that. To people who watched with an actual deep concern for stuff like, I dunno--issues? This interview was harsh. She didn't blink at at saying "Yes" to running for VP? Now, I'm not a governor or anything, but I think anyone might give the question a little bit of a think, right? She wasn't exactly clear on the Bush Doctrine/pre-emptive military action question. She clearly would not second-guess Israel regarding an action against Iran (so she said three times--and I suppose that was all it said on the Israel/Iran 3x5 card they had her memorize.)

Best analysis in what she said to my mind came from Juan Cole. Actually, please read everything he writes. I have spoken.

Scariest (to me) analysis came from David Frum. Since when do I agree with him? But his immediate impression of "underinformed and overconfident" is totally on. And his post about what a president needs to know is appropos.

I recall moaning something to the effect of "She doesn't even know what it is she doesn't know or even needs to know" into my beer whilst watching the affair. If David Frum and I are on the same wavelength, it goes beyond my "Andrew Sullivan Rule" (If Andrew Sullivan and I agree on anything it is probably self-evident and does not need argument.) She insults the intelligence of politically-involved people right and left. That might be the most sublime expression of being a uniter (not a divider) in a bad way. I'm sure some people who watched her were impressed with her moxie, her confidence, and her ability to stick to well-known talking points.

I do not trust those people.

I am also, for the record, unconvinced that, as McCain said recently, that she knows everything there is to know about energy. And that it isn't *all that* as far as national security goes. Seriously. It's important. But not all that.

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