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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I can't say--but this is the McCain & the Cross Controversy--

was this his experience? Is it a confabulation? Do I personally think he's sucking up? Well, I just don't know. And no one else knows. But here's what he said, and where he might have heard a similar tale:

Without ever mentioning the similarities, even though he has read and knows about Soltzenitsyn's story.

Andrew Sullivan has blogged a good deal on the issue:

Salter on the Cross Story

I think there's something dubious about the story--and I have what I call the "Andrew Sullivan rule". If Andrew Sullivan and I agree on anything, it's probably self-evident. Although I like reading his blog, I know we approach things from two opposing points of view--me as a die-hard atheist Liberal--him as a Catholic Conservative. If we happen to agree on a thing, there probably isn't merit in an argument against it. I'll consider the McCain question open for now, but my 'pandering" radar is up.

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