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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I love Hillary--Highlight from last night's speech

I think her speech was galvanizing and appropriate, in that she appealed to the Democratic base and explained why the Republican candidate is the wrong choice at this point and time, and why Democratic voters need to get behind Obama. I've read some lukewarm reviews of her speech that seemed to say she did not refer to Obama enough or put her case up for why he's the man, but I say--she doesn't have to, and her most die-hard supporters don't need her to.

She ran a fierce campaign, and I remain convinced she would be an outstanding president, (and I also want Obama to look for a nice cabinet position for her--I think "Attorney General Clinton" has a nice ring to it, maybe?) Her greatest case to her biggest fans is that it does no respect to herself and Bill and all that they have stood for over the years, to snub Obama, and give the election to someone who does not respresent all that she and Bill have stood for over the years. Her speech made me proud of her and the party, and enthusiastic about a Democrat in the White House.

I think she was exactly right, set the right tone, had some great lines--the "Twin Cities" line, and a line from earlier in the speech about her "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuits" revealed wit and warm humor, and did us all proud, and Obama should be proud that this was his rival.

Now he better kick McCain's behind in.

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