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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sen. Casey--a good surprise last night--

(I know, day late and short-changin', but Youtube clips weren't all that available to me until now. But comment about the Convention I must. No, you don' get it--I must!)

Now, in 2006, I'd have supported Casey without question over Santorum for the fact of his not being Santorum alone, but when I really listened, I came away with the impression of a committed public servant who really cared about "lunchbox" issues, and he genuinely struck me as more sincere and better capable of representing my state. I did not anticipate he'd have some of the more fun lines of the evening, though. "Not a maverick--that's a sidekick!"--that should sting McCain a bit.

But there was a moment when people actually chanted four more months, and he looked just a little surprised, although "pleasantly surprised." Spontaneous chanting and Bob Casey Jr. speeches do not often go hand in hand. But I think he gave a good one, and I have to say, I like having a Senator I don't really have to write chiding letters to--if there's a good bill for working pople, labor, health cre, he seems to be on it. I have no complaints--

Also, shout-out to my congressonal Rep. Patrick Murphy, who represented tonight.

You add Joe Biden, who grew up until the age of ten in a Scranton rowhome, and you've got a lot of great Pennsylvania representation at this convention. I'll post his contribution in a separate post, you know--once a Youtube link becomes available.

But I do have to say, this convention hasn't just been about excitement about the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama--it's really been a lot about the party--the rising stars, the experienced voices, the chorus of change, optimism, and cooperation and unity that the party needs to project to move forward. It feels good to see a kind of populism, and grass-rootsiness, and read the excerpts from bloggers and really feel like more people are engaged, or the people are more engaged than they would be--you know--they care?

I dunno. All my convention coverage I get from blogs and Youtube. Nonetheless--I find I care. A lot.

(Um, if Arlen Specter can not be Senator sometime, and some chump Gop-er tries for his seat--can Murphy run for his seat plz? Then I have two senators that would actually represent me--it would be very nice. Casey, Murphy, Obama. I'd be more represented than I've ever been.)

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