Friday, February 3, 2023

Good For Hunter Biden


I think that Hunter Biden taking an aggressive stance with the GOP scumbags who want to smear his name all over the place in an effort to bring down his father is the right move. The question shouldn't be "Is the laptop real?" but how was it obtained, should you trust what's on it, and why does it matter? 

That the emails originate from Hunter Biden's email account may be demonstrable--but why do we have them? This follows the pattern of the DNC/Podesta hack and leak operation, where even innocuous emails take on a sinister tone because they were supposed to be private. They reveal only a piece of the story, with a lot of the context stripped out. It's easy for a narrative to be created using them that is wholly fake--even if it has a genuine document at the center of it--as miniscule as the grain of sand in the center of a pearl.

But just like the theft of Ashley Biden's diary--the laptop appears to be illicitly and improperly obtained, and reflects the business of a private person, not associated with President Biden's campaign or presidency. Just a member of his family. When the GOP crows about investigations into Hunter Biden's laptop, it really seems like they want to spread revenge porn, not because Hunter Biden's personal business however grubby effects the President, but because they dearly would like it to. 

I thought the Benghazi investigations were naked political ratfuckery--and they were. But at least an inquiry into an act of terror and how it was handled was at least relevant to government matters. When we consider the source of the laptop (sketchy) and the people who promote the investigation (Giuliani?) we have to back up and ask is there anything at all besides politics, here?

The Republicans will not relent unless made to relent. They don't admit the truth unless forced to. And if the threat of push back and lawsuits is not enough--then let them be investigated, revealed as liars, and sued into oblivion. 

Fair is fair.


Ten Bears said...

I find it telling they're obsessed over pictures of Hunter's dick ...

Grung_e_Gene said...

There's no chain of custody for these supposed laptops and it's really clear Hunter Biden's data was hacked (possibly from the cloud) and then in a time worn tradition Republican ratfvckers add shit onto the laptop and claim it's all Hunter's. Such as the headless child porn picture every right-winger was claiming came from the "Laptop" especially on Twitter.

My belief is rightwingers are purposefully trying to put immense pressure onto Hunter in the hopes he relapses and dies from an Opioid overdose, because Republicans are cruel vicious monsters who have nothing to offer the American people.

Oh and Ten Bears (just like with Clinton) Republicans are dick obsessed perverts.

Vixen Strangely said...

I definitely don't put it past the bloody-minded fucks in the GOP to want to add more tragedy to Joe Biden's life. I hope this time their attempt to scandal-monger is met with the response it deserves--absolute horror at the extortionate/vindictive fiends they have become.

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