Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Trump Knew COVID-19 Was Bad and He Lied to Us

And he's been patting himself on the back for the job he's done ever since. That rat bastard.

190,000 dead Americans. Because he wanted to manipulate the press.


I disrespect Kayleigh McEnany somewhat (her tag on this blog is MAGANinny) but she's really in the position of a disaster PR person more than a press secretary. Of course he downplayed COVID-19 over and over again. He was doing it in big demonstrative ways in trying to reopen the economy and his thing about not liking it when people wear masks. He's pretty much doing right this minute. It's not so much that the press secretary is telling a lie, as that she is signing on to every lie Trump tells. And while I get that this position is a really high-profile one, I begin to have serious doubts about her integrity.

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