Saturday, April 25, 2020

We Saw You

The "Fake News" had him speaking to Dr. Birx, or did our own lying eyes, since the whole thing was televised? Is he just as clueless about how tv cameras work as he is about, well, everything else? He also spoke to the "Laboratory expert" (I think he means William Bryan?), but you know what? This makes it clear that he was not speaking to reporters (especially ones that were not there) sarcastically. I'm not even 100% sure he knows what sarcasm means. I think he means when you say a thing that isn't true as a prank but doesn't get that if it were an actual joke, it would be because everyone would get that what was said was obviously untrue. But we don't get that when Trump says something that's obviously untrue that he's being in any way sarcastic, because he says things that are wrong because he's dumb as hell, and also, he lies a whole lot. He also isn't known for his sparkling wit. Occam's Razor: he's just ignorant.

Dr. Birx herself tried to pull his ass out of the mire of his own making, explaining that he just likes to talk out new information as it's received. A lot of people, including the shiny new White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, tried to say he was being taken out of context, before he was suddenly "sarcastic". And really, how sad is saying he was being sarcastic? Right. He meant to do that.


So when Trump's disgraceful Fox News friends perform the extremely servile act of licking his cold adult diaper pee from the floor, what exactly are they getting out of it? Does it make the country better to have them do that? Do they think it is a noble sacrifice to pretend that Trump isn't flea-fucking stupid? Are we all better off pretending he isn't incompetent? Or do they get something, anything at all, for their fecal ablutions, their constant laundering of shit Trump says that isn't so, and isn't even reasonable?

They might want folks to forget how low we are, that chemical companies and Poison Control centers had to push out disclaimers about the foolish thing the president actually let drop from his face, but no, that won't happen. We saw him. We saw it. It happened. And we see you, too, Trump defenders. In the most disgusting positions.

UPDATE: As a postscript, I want to point out that Fox is still touting the unproven hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19, even though studies have suggested it can do more harm than good. Trials and unwarranted demand for this drug is taking availability away from people with autoimmune disorders whose actual disease symptoms outweigh the side effects, and rely on the drug for managing their flares. My dad has RA, and while he doesn't use this particular treatment, if there were any medication that alleviated his discomfort I would want that available for him, not used for some kind of weird political posturing on people (not for people) to wage a kind of SCIENCING WAR!!!! on snowflakes. The worst culprit lately seems to be Laura Ingraham, and I think it's because she heard that more of Hannity's viewers were dying of COVID-19 and felt competitive. She has a bad case of snakes in her head.


bluzdude said...

Republicans have to cover for him because to accept that he's an idiot would mean they were wrong in electing him. And Republicans never admit they're wrong. So they continue to put forth more and more convoluted excuses for his idiocy because they have no other choice.

E.A. Blair said...

I've read about so many godbothering a$$holes declaring that COVID-19 is their deity's punishment for homosexuality, gay marriage, secularism, the existence of non Xtians, etcetera, etcetera ad nauseam. Did it ever occur to them that this is their deity's gift to the Democratic Party for the Republicans' slavish idolatry of Trump?

Green Eagle said...

And yet his approval rating has not gone down one point since the pandemic started. The Republican party has found a way to truly inoculate its base against all reason and human decency. It is the worst thing they have done to the United States, and virtually none of these people will recover before they die.

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