Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Anti-Malarkist

The above video shows former VP Joe Biden giving what-for to someone over the idea that wanting some firearms regulations is the same thing as being against the Second Amendment--he said the guy was full of shit, and as talking points go, Biden is correct. Even Antonin Scalia in the Heller decision recognized that the Second Amendment wasn't an absolute right to all and any gun ownership. Talking points themselves are full of shit.

You can't reason with people that way. The premise of the argument "You gun control people are taking our guns" starts with a straw man; it implies a belief that people making regulation arguments are acting in bad faith. That's not a discussion, it's just a fight. It's a bad faith fight.

Biden wasn't having it, and said so. This was re-tweeted by the Trump campaign, by the NRA and by some Sanders supporters as if to imply he doesn't speak respectfully and has (maybe) lost his mind out here.

But a lot of people, me included, read that as "The man said, 'No Malarkey', and he meant it." Do you drag something into the sphere of respectability for someone who already isn't respecting you? Or do you let them know? Joe saw something and he said something.

Now, after tonight's returns, it looks like the consolidation behind Joe Biden has continued apace. Older voters, middle class voters, African-Americans, there are a lot of core constituencies that any Democratic candidate needs to appeal to in order to build a winning coalition. He's not winning it with the under 40 crowd, but he isn't outright getting swamped with them, either. I don't have to have an opinion on that--Elizabeth Warren was my candidate for policy, and even if Sanders shares my leftward bent, I'm always going to be a pragmatist and recognize you need a whole party. You need a coalition. You need votes in congress. You need to put the other side away. You don't have an ambitious platform and then decide to torpedo the only people who will even listen to you in a world where Republicans exist and waste years rebuilding from a stub that didn't win primaries.

I love leftists. I love the DSA energy, your anti-fascism, your goals. But without a viable electoral strategy, here are the liberals. The allies you love to hate.

Since Elizabeth Warren dropped out, Biden has picked up the endorsements of Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and this evening, Andrew Yang, who, like me, understands the math. I love a lot of people who support Bernie Sanders, but I really only have one thing I give a shit about now, and that is fucking up Republicans. And you can give me everything you want about "People need to be inspired by something and not just against something" and I am cool telling you, that's malarkey.

It just is. If you're going to tell me that Nancy Pelosi is more of a problem to you than Mitch McConnell, I have no time for your bullshit. That is malarkism. If you want to bitch out Neera Tanden for wondering about Sanders' heart history then turn around and endorse a pretty fucking obvious lie about whether Joe Biden has dementia, I'll tell you you're full of shit. Because in what world do Biden's family, and this many people whom he shared a debate stage with, endorse his run, and somehow know he doesn't have his right mind? I may play around with the idea that Donald Trump has brain worms, but for the most part, I think he's militantly uninformed and has a possible personality disorder that makes him shift blame away from himself and be only capable of accepting kudos, and never criticisms.

Greenwald has done more to defend Trump's brain, such as it is, than Biden's. I already don't trust Greenwald's ass. He is a malarkist. He is saying the same thing Jill Stein is. I still have strong feelings about Jill Stein and her worthless grifting Russia bought life.

Remember how Hillary Clinton was supposed to be dying according to some folks back in 2016? But she is still intelligently living her best life? That is the kind of idiocy we need to be looking out for out here in 2020.

You might be asking what are people seeing in Joe Biden? Why, because those previous presidential runs, they were not impressive, they didn't go somewhere. Why Biden, why now? Well, why did Barack Obama pick him for his running mate back in 2008? Because he wanted someone with a good heart and a good mind who would tell him what he thought without a malarkey filter, that's why. He wanted a good consigliere. A guy who made inroads with all kinds of people and knew how things got done, and they did get things done. The ACA wasn't nothing. Republicans would destroy even that.

So look, if you want to know if I'm ecstatic about the future, fuck no--I'm a Generation X sad sack and my hopes got modulated down a long fucking time ago when I put my hopes and dreams into a serial sex perv who was married to a person who I thought would make a far better president anyway. I'm an anti-Malarkist, and am ready for an anti-marlarkey movement, to declare the time for drama is over and the time for at least okay government is here. And maybe that's just an interregnum for something better, but without it, nothing better can happen, because Trump would trash even our ability to vote or complain.

These Twitterheads, these young summer children, they don't know about Republicans or I would see them complain more about them than merelibs. But I've been reciting names like Arya Stark from Newt Gingrich and Pat Buchanan on, and I tell you, focus on the real fuckers. The Malarkists. You don't have to think Biden is great. You just have to know he is not them. He never ever was.

We are being fed malarkey. But that bullshit is what has been killing anything good all this while. Just go fight Republican bullshit. Become part of the anti-malarkist thing. Our thing, the anti-marlarkism? It's a good thing. It might even be the only real game in town.

UPDATE: Green New Deal, guys. A functional health care fix.  Not pretending any of this will be easy. He's being straight with you about what he thinks he can do. He isn't your bugbear. Go look at CPAC and them.

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