Sunday, August 25, 2019

Be Brave!

Look, I think there's a certain political fanfic quality to trying to sort out how these primary matchup things play out, but I can say, barring some major disqualifying event for Trump (devastating evidence of serious crimes, major illness or injury, starting WWIII, etc.), I don't really think Walsh has a great shot at knocking off Trump in a primary. This thing is, even if Trump's brand loyalty among his base isn't exactly as great as he thinks it is, it's still really high, and as far as I can tell, the difference between Trump base people and the Walsh base people is arguing over a microscopic fraction of a fraction.

However, and this is a big qualifier, there is something Walsh might be able to do that I don't think former MA Governor Bill Weld would do, that none of the 2016 GOP primary candidates were able to do, and that no Democrat probably can do, which is, capitalize on Trump's one major strength--that weird, train-wreck, eyeball-drawing, earned media coverage effect he manages to pull off, where he's so extra no one can look away.

Trump responds to pressure in weird ways. He swells, he vents, he fucks up--and the cameras turn to him. Everyone trying to draw a distinction between themselves and him try to be "the normal one". The responsible, presidential one. Sure, in the real world, that should work. Be the (morally) bigger person. Have a better vision of the future. Bring plans and charts and hope, and watch him throw feces at it, beat his chest, and tickle the primate brains to say "Wow, Daddy is big mad, now!"

Everybody wants to be president, but nobody wants to climb in Trump's monkeyhouse and get crap on their hands. And that shouldn't be a path to the White House anyway (I consider Trump sui generis in having apparently done this). But what if someone did get up in the monkey house with him?

It isn't going to beat Trump--in the realm of crap-tossing he will drag a sucker down to his level and beat them with experience. But because of his perverse psychology, he can't not crap-toss.  And because of the media dynamic, the cameras don't turn away. So Walsh would be the beneficiary of Trump's Tweets, nicknames, and White House lawn rants and earned media attention. (And let Trump's campaign try to tell him to ignore Walsh. Seriously? Tell Trump "no" about anything. It'll be greeeaaaaaatttt.)

It puts Trump off his standard anti-liberal messaging, while advertising shots about Trump's appeasement in foreign policy and blowing up the federal debt. It doesn't necessarily mess with Trump's cultists, but it will put off the normals. This would some help Democrats could make use of. (Never Trumpers who try to advise Democrats on messaging never seem to understand that Democrats are Democrats. They can't speak Republican like a native and their accent when they try pisses the locals off and worries the other Democrats. The liberal base needs fan service, too.)

Eh. Like I said. it's fanfic. But it's worth a shot. Be brave, Joe. Throw that shit.

DISCLAIMER: After a full day of people recycling Walsh's old, racist, insane Tweets, I just want to add, don't get me wrong--he's awful. My point isn't that taking a run at Trump washes him clean. My point is,  let them fight.

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