Sunday, December 3, 2017

This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Goes Boom! In the Night

I've been thinking of President Trump's occasional Twitter jeremiads as being examples of "Boom goes the dynamite"--after an internet meme that is full of the fail.  I have been preaching the gospel of "This is not the Tweet Strategy you are looking for" to point out that Trump's Twitter-feed has basically been as much a self-own as a source for catapulting his propaganda. The things he posts aren't smart--he reveals his love of cable news by Tweeting in response to tv. He can't pretend he isn't watching tv. His Twitter matches up to his cable news habits better than The Wizard of Oz and The Dark Side of the Moon.

But Trump's Tweets have been used even in court to diss his Muslim ban.  Back in June, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that Trump's Tweets were official statements. It is a struggle to deal with a social media megamouth as a deliverer of facts--but if we take Trump's Twitter feed at face value, we have to buy in that whether Trump himself, or Hope Hicks, or Dan Scavino , is at the Twitter machine, the word from Trump is his word. Other posted, but Trump-approved. So who knows why he Retweeted anti-Islamic snuffporn? It's still his official look--even if professional State Department hands might feel alarmed at his rashness.

So why not take a long hard look at the post Trump made Saturday that discussed Trump firing General Flynn because he lied to the VP and the FBI. Hm. Flynn resigned--whether he was pushed out is questionable.  There's some evidence Trump still wanted to remain in contact with Flynn, even if, as Trump admits knowing, he lied to Pence and the FBI. This kind of seems to be suggesting that Trump knew Flynn was lying to the FBI and never sought to correct the record with them, but fired Flynn (or accepted his resignation) and left it at that. And then asked FBI Director Comey to go easy on the guy who totally was lying and pissing Trump off?  And fired Comey for, as he told the Russians, not dropping the Russia investigation? Sigh.

I wouldn't want to be Trump lawyer John Dowd, who the administration is saying Tweeted this disagreeably self-owning Trump stupidity. I guess Meredith MacIver or John Barron weren't available for blame duties? This Tweet seems very likely to come from Trump Himself, and really does seem like he's admitting to obstruction of justice.

And not for nothing, an email from KT McFarland sort of makes the Russian thing more interesting, again--

The transition official, KT McFarland, told the unnamed colleague in the email obtained by the New York Times that the sanctions were aimed at delegitimizing Trump's election victory.
“If there is a tit-for-tat escalation Trump will have difficulty improving relations with Russia, which has just thrown U.S.A. election to him,” she wrote.  

McFarland previously served as deputy national security adviser before she was asked to resign by H.R. McMaster, who became national security adviser after Flynn's abrupt departure. 
It is unclear whether McFarland actually believed that Russia had "thrown" the election to Trump, or whether she was being sarcastic. A White House lawyer told the Times that she was mocking Democrats' accusation — bolstered at that point by a CIA assessment — that Russia had interfered in the election to help Trump win. 
But as for the rest of what I screen-shotted?   Mere Clinton conspiracy whaargarble. His acid washed deleted emails stuff is getting old and played. It doesn't really save his fat from the fryer--it is only a distraction, and an inapt one.

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