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Sunday, October 18, 2020

TWGB: Trump Reads Marks and Angles


I keep saying Trump is basically a con-artist because his mode is definitely not that of a legitimate business man. He's business as performance art. The hair! The tan! The offensively not tailored suits! The third world dictator gilded glitz of his Trump Tower penthouse, and the marble and tile of his Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago. His rallies that cheer all his weird pronouncements, even his peculiar idea of dancing (and Ellen should sue, also she is a better dancer). 

It's a con. Things that give him some kind of brand and play up his schtick are a con. Trump University was a con.  Trump's supposed charitable foundation was a big con. The wall was a con. His business model is a con. This is a con--and Trump knows it

But cons sometimes work, kids. Don't forget that. And if you get away with a con once, what really stops you from trying it again? Conscience? Morality? Of course not! This is TrumpWorld. So, if "But her emails..." worked once (they weren't even her emails, but Podesta's, for crying out loud!) then why wouldn't "But Hunter Biden's emails..." do the same job? 

(Not that Team Trump has given up on Hillary Clinton's emails even still. At this point, they have to be considered some kind of completists.)

Trump knows what his marks like. His marks are the masochistic SOBs in the press who desperately want to not be considered anti-Trump. His marks want to try to do the job he keeps making harder for them by being dense as fruitcake while screaming his head off about the lugenpresse. His angle is getting people to ask Joe Biden what it feels like to be violated by the recent op against his surviving son who has battled addiction in an attempt by actual scumbags to thwart his election bid. 

Because my sweet summer children, the throughline of TrumpWorld is the grift. Trump's free lawyer has been all over Ukraine looking for dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden, even while Trump was being impeached for extorting Zelenskyy to get dirt on Hunter and by extension Joe Biden. Like, wow--Trump was sure trying to get that foreign assist--a lot. And because even before all our Democratic primaries, he knew it would be Biden. Because he feared that dude (for some reason) the most. 

Amtrak Joe. Amazingly honest Joe Biden.  Were we supposed to believe there was massive corruption here

Honesty is Trump's Kryptonite. We have thus far been treated to Hunter Biden, a flawed man with a problem that many Americans have with substance abuse and just plain sadness (like, so many people with our opioid problems and drinking problems and incredible untreated anxiety/PTSD problems), and Joe Biden a loving father who accepts and loves his kid no matter what. He loved all his kids and never was ridiculously rich.

I am a mark for a family that grieves together and loves together and shows affection and joy with one another. I reject the angle of the Trump family that I should think the less of Joe Biden because he was violated by an information op against him and that Trump's campaign was so desperate as to exploit it, and that some journalists are so unaware of how disinfo ops work that they would actually ask a man how he would respond to the hack rather than report on the actual hack itself--the real news. 

Steve Bannon threatens there is more where the so far not at all damaging stuff comes from. I refuse to let this be an issue. Rather, that Steve Bannon, a fascist, is in anyone's circle, is the real issue. 

Don't be a mark and don't fall for their angles. Trump let thousands die of COVID and doesn't give a shit about you. Joe Biden will give a shit and try to save lives because humans matter to him. 

Trumpworld will accept hacks from Putin or whomever because they are opportunists and scumbags who don't care about this country. They divide it by race and gender and ideology for sport. They are patriots like I'm the Queen of the World. 

And I know for sure I am not. Does Trump know who he is?  

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