Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, September 20, 2020


1) As with all things Trump, it is likely that he is projecting and in fact, is using a lil' something-somethin' to keep himself chipper, although I was assuming he blew it up his face and that's what made his lips so numb. (Poor slurry, sniffy Biffy!)

2) Is he for real then about doing a drug test, since he can't be bothered to do a cheek swab for his defamation trial? (Apropos of which, did you notice another accuser came forward this week? We should not ever become numb to this.)

3) It might be fun to speculate what's being injected in anyone's ass, but considering that Fox News, congressional Republicans, and the entire MAGA Mouse Fan Club are holding parties in his, I'll assume the party favors are amazeballs.

D-O-N (EEEEEnnnnyone believing this guy?) A-L-D (He's a real D bag!) T-R-U-M-P. (Flavor-Aid! Hydroxychloroquine! Bumps of Comet!)

4) He also said Biden is going to end God, so that's pretty trippy. I would not call what he's on "performance-enhancing" though.

5) There is nothing natural about any of this, but the idea that the current president is accusing his challenger of being on drugs because he shows up informed and capable of speaking reasonably at a townhall (which Trump um, totally did not) suggests that Trump is not only wary of elites, but actual competence. Is this why he doesn't show any?

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