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Sunday, August 9, 2020

The 48-hour Quarantine

So, North Paulding HS, whose crowded hallway scene demonstrated for many of us the futility of social distancing and returning students to in-person classes, has now had several students and staff test positive for COVID-19, after making a point of trying to silence the real concerns of students and staff who knew good and well that this set-up did not look safe.

So, what do they think is going to happen in 48 hours? Are all the kids and staff going to get COVID-19 tests, and get their results back, and all the affected folks will go for the long quarantine while the unaffected ones come back as safe as safe as well-insured houses? Or is saying they will go online for two whole days just a work-around to look like they are addressing the problem while making it perfectly clear that no, in fact, they don't give a fuck but also, shut up and fuck you?

See, 48 hours is bullshit. Not everyone is getting tested, or getting results, or making the decision to quarantine, or anything else in that period of time. None of that is happening. And even if a dozen or so more cases emerge--have they set any idea of when they will shut it all down?

Here's what we're finding out about kids and coronavirus--they are certainly testing positive, and that means they are not "immune". What we're seeing with school re-opening is not pretty. It isn't that schooling isn't important or can't be done, but people should be observing what doesn't work well, and what work-arounds might be beneficial. What is interesting to me is hearing conservatives appear to be slagging justifications for homeschooling due to the potential for child abuse or poor socialization, when they have previously been champions for it when it comes to religious reasons. Why the volte face?

It's just astounding to me that people are approaching this as a binary : Do or do not, instead of trying to think of ways to do things as thoughtfully and well and with success in mind as possible. People are prioritizing individuality instead of working as a community. Is it so hard for people to get on the same page and work together?

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