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Monday, July 6, 2020

Into What, Though?

"Stepping forward", I guess, is the nicest way to say "he's not doing nothing", but the journey he's supposed to be stepping forward on should have started months ago, and it really does feel like Trump is being praised like a baby for taking any steps at all. This kind of cowardice could be chalked up to an election year, but it's really how Republicans have been regarding Trump all the time, since he started. And yet, Trump wants to stop supporting testing (which he still blames for the high case numbers, instead of, well, there being an awful lot of cases) and to end the ACA.

It's shabby and a lack of leadership--from Trump and Ernst. And more, besides. Like Mark Meadows:

Tell that to the 41-year old healthy Broadway actor who just died after months struggling with this disease. Tell that to his family.


UPDATE: WOW. The White House message, tho'.

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